Openness and acceptance towards other cultures (Recommendation to the Politik because of the crisis in Ukraine)

Living together peacefully is essential to ensure that we can enjoy a good quality of life. If this is not the case, then there will always be winners and losers, vanquishers and vanquished, rulers and subjects.

People need others to lead a meaningful life. We’ve all grown up in a family, where we were faced with conflicts
and where we also learned to solve them. If we were not able to solve them, then a family member would help.

We usually accepted this help, because it came from one of our own. Help from the outside is
harder to ask for.
A family is the smallest unit of society. And life in a family is similar to life in a company or a society. Help
and solutions from one’s own ranks are more easily accepted.

In order for human interaction to run smoothly, it’s important for us to respect other families, ethnic groups and nationalities. If families from a certain ethnic group are looked down upon by other families, then the harmony in which they live together is quickly threatened.

People obsessed with power should know: Living together peacefully is only possible if each person’s culture
and the sovereignty of each ethnic group is respected and accepted.

This applies to families and societies as well.

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